Welcome to our Stories that happened in Africa

God was gracious to mankind in the late 1940’s !950’s and 1960’s; He
granted revival in the Hebrides; then in Indonesia and in KZN province
in South Africa. Many extraordinary and supernatural happenings were
witnessed, but especially that people found God (in human terms)
actually God found people; even many godless people, and such is
still happening  today.
The first nine chapters are stories which point to what is wrong and
what is right for humans; and are based in South Africa. Stories Written by Martin Stegen



About Our Story

Mr Martin Stegen

Author of the Stories in Africa (Book)
Stories that happened in Africa and the sermon “— you must be born again—“.
It would be far better to write about “we” or “they”; but in many of
these “stories”; are experiences I had; only sometimes “we had” or
“they had”. Very often there is a comical side, but it’s what these
experiences taught me, which I would like others to benefit from.
More than once I was challenged to write a book with my experiences; a
few times I began but it became too complicated for me and I stopped.
As I proceed, I’ll try to pass on ‘hard learned’ experience.
 It is heartbreaking to see young people, often even older ones, go
headstrong into something one knows by experience to always fail; even
Governments do so, costing the taxpayer millions. Mark Twain said that
people with an open mouth, don’t seem to hear with their ears” (many a
time I could have spared myself much heart-sore by “listening”).
Today I am an old man, of many years, most of which I lived on a farm,
in rough and mountainous country in the hinterland about 52 km from
the nearest town with a Bank, a railway station etc. Much has ‘come’
and much has ‘gone’ during those years; one of such are computers; I
only began using one at about 79 years old. My grammar; and the
language I use, is also a bit rusty so please excuse the mistakes and
I hope you enjoy reading.
The first car in my memory was a ’28 Chrysler with a ‘tent roof’
(canvas) and wooden spokes on its ‘19 inch’ wheels. I was told that my
first two words as an infant were; “brr—brr in gazaat” (garage) the
other was imitating a bird. My parents did however still have and use
a horse drawn, two wheel [buggy] cart on some occasions; also with a
‘tent roof’ and a ‘dickie’ seat at the rear where three could sit
facing back.  In 1938 father bought a ‘36 Nash and the horse drawn
vehicle fell into disuse; roads were also being improved. During WW 2
and a year or two thereafter cars were virtually unobtainable and the
Nash just had to be kept going

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