God was gracious to mankind in the late 1940’s !950’s and 1960’s; He
granted revival in the Hebrides; then in Indonesia and in KZN province
in South Africa. Many extraordinary and supernatural happenings were
witnessed, but especially that people found God (in human terms)
actually God found people; even many godless people, and such is
still happening  today.
The first nine chapters are stories which point to what is wrong and
what is right for humans; and are based in South Africa. Stories Written by Martin Stegen

The important facts are mentioned in the chapters of the book, the
majority of stories up to chapter nine were  north of and overlooking
the Umsinga mountain against the Biggarsberg, in Kwazulu-Natal; South
The village of Pomeroy is to the south west of the area.
Over the last five decades the population in that area has increased
indescribably. It is an area where many men have had two or more wives
and multiple children.Mr Martin Stegen has a daughter, a son in law; a son and a
daughter in law and four grand children. N P Buthelezi who is also mentioned resides in
Driefontein; between Ermelo and PietRetief in Mpumalanga; which is a
place with only a coal mine; but which has grown to a populated area.He is married and they have a son of six years and a
daughter of two years. Driefontein is a Place of much poverty and need.

“Thank you Martin Stegen”
The Author of the book " Stories in Africa"

Mr Martin Stegen

The Author of the book ” Stories in Africa”

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